What your exhibit space includes

# Product Premium Elite Platinum
1 Basic Booth Profile
Company Name, Address, Description, Booth Number, Email
2 Website URL
Drive traffic to your website
3 Company Logo
Increase your brand recognition
4 Product Categories
Choose categories that attendees search for.
99 99 99
5 Company Profile (words)
Introduce your company to make a great first impression.
150 200 250
6 Gamification Participation
For those that want to engage, entertain and inform their audience, games are sure to deliver.
7 Online Product Showcase
Engage attendees with detailed product descriptions along with full color images.
1 3 5
8 Press Releases
Get more coverage by sharing the latest news about your company.
1 2 4
9 Documents
Marketing brochures help companies market their products or services
2 4 6
10 Videos
Engage attendees with a video on the online profile.
1 2 4
11 Highlighted Listing
Make your company standout our with highlighted listing.
12 Floor Map Logo Display
Get increased visibility for your brand with mouse over logo on the floor space map.

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